Therapeutic Partnership to Reach Your Optimal Movement: We want to work with you to move you away from just “getting by” to moving the way your body was designed to move, in your individualized optimal alignment and function. 

Helping you truly understand what is going on in your body? Education is a foundational pillar at Elevation Health, including helping you fully understand what may be happening to your body. Just one of the many things that set us apart is that our standard follow up Physiotherapy appointment is 10 minutes longer than most other clinics to allow for thorough explanation and complete care.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Based Collaborative Care Approach: We at Elevation Health believe strongly in the power of a collaborative team approach when it comes to your care. What does that mean? It means that when you see one of our Client Care Providers at Elevation Health you have the skills of multiple healthcare backgrounds to draw upon. Many people are unsure who to turn to when faced with an injury or condition. Let us take the guess work out of it. Our Client Care Coordinators will match you with the most appropriate care provider, or providers, for your current needs. As your care needs change, we will facilitate a change in your care provider to best match your needs.  

Evaluation: You can expect a comprehensive full body assessment from one of our Client Care Providers. We take the time to understand your whole story in order to plan your personalized road to recovery.

Understanding Your Condition: It is our professional goal for you to fully understand the root causes behind your injury or condition and to teach you what can be done to improve, manage or prevent the condition in the future.

How long Does It Take? Investigating and treating the core problem takes time. Our first goal is to work with you to find ways to reduce your pain and compensation strategies so we can work together to return you to the things you love to do in life as quickly as possible. Your treatment will not end when you leave our clinic. After we discuss what your health and wellness goals are, we will work with you to develop a well-rounded program that will have both a home and clinic based components in order to make it the most efficient and cost-effective plan possible.

Your Healthcare Team: All the members of your healthcare team (i.e. physician, nurse practitioner, occupational therapist, chiropractor, social worker, psychologist, orthotist, etc.) are crucial pieces to the puzzle. All efforts will be made upon your request to maintain the lines of communication with all members of your healthcare team.                                                   

Physiotherapists are Primary Care Providers: This means that you do not have to be referred by your Physician to seek Physiotherapy services. Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions and injuries. This also means that if anything is identified in your initial Physiotherapy assessment as requiring a medical assessment you will be asked to seek medical care prior to continuing with Physiotherapy. 

Note: Some insurance providers require a physician referral in order to cover Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy services. If you are unsure if this is required by your insurance company please inquire with them directly. 


Ready to feel your best again?

Let us have the pleasure to work with you to achieve your health and wellness goals!